About Us


Hosted networks are often shown in diagrams as little puffy cloud shapes. While that certainly helps to demonstrate that the network is cloud-based, it does nothing to speak of what is inside that network. Does it use proven technology? Is it delivered on carrier-grade equipment throughout? Who knows… because it’s hidden in a fog.

At DSCI, we see things more clearly. Instead of the usual “cloud connected to router” diagram, we’ve adopted the OSI Model to show that our network is comprised of seven layers of interconnected functions. Unlike many other providers, we have direct control of every layer to ensure the highest level of service reliability possible.

Level 1: Physical (Binary transmission; cabling)
DSCI has four regional Points of Presence (POPs), making us the most densely deployed Hosted Communications Provider in New England. The result is the most robust and redundant network in the region.
Level 2: Data Link (Physical addressing)
DSCI has built the most advanced hosted communications network in the Northeast. Our extensive regional network consists of over 200 central offices and lit buildings, redundant fiber routes, and local loops – all backed by our industry-best 100% Service Level Agreement.
Level 3: Network (IP routing and addressing)
The xNetwork has been purpose-built to protect against service interruptions, faulty traffic, and other situations that could affect how your information is routed. It includes nine border gateway protocol (BGP) Internet peering points, tandem interconnection with multiple ILECs, long-distance IP peering, network-to-network interface (NNI) with multiple long distance carriers, and nationwide 911 to public safety access points.
Level 4: Transport (Network connection and management)
DSCI’s metro Boston fiber ring allows us to deliver best-in-class DS1, DS3, Metro Ethernet, and Wireless. It also enables us to deliver higher-bandwidth applications such as video, and supports the doubling of our client base every 20 months.
Level 5: Session (Interhost communication)
DSCI uses only carrier-grade networking equipment, session delivery network solutions, network security appliances, and IP network solutions. Deploying technology from industry leaders like Lucent, Cisco, Acme Packet, Juniper, Adtran, and FortiGate, DSCI ensures best-in-class application integration.
Level 6: Presentation (Conversion of data)
DSCI’s relationships with worldwide innovators in Unified Communications and VoIP applications – including Broadsoft, Polycom, and CounterPath – ensures the highest quality in data integrity and guarantees best-in-class end-to-end service delivery of our products.
Level 7: Application (Interaction with the end user)
Ultimately, because DSCI owns and manages the connection through all the layers of the network, we deliver the best possible quality at the Application level. This allows our customers to reliably and confidently leverage Unified Communications solutions with voice, video, and data converged on a single network.