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FAQ: DSCI & TelePacific

Why has DSCI merged with TelePacific?

There are several reasons. First and foremost is that this merger represents an opportunity for DSCI to extend its best-in-class UCx and ITx services across a national footprint. The combined entity has a significant local presence on both coasts and in Texas, which places us squarely in the densest enterprise markets throughout the country. In addition, the complementary nature of DSCI and TelePacific’s services work seamlessly together to create an enhanced set of continuity, cloud and connectivity solutions that can be custom-tailored to our customers’ needs.  There is a common cultural thread running through TelePacific and DSCI –  a shared DNA built around delivering the best possible customer experience. Finally, this merger lets us better serve our customers who have multilocation needs.  The DSCI team will be leading an expansion down the eastern seaboard that extends the company’s East Coast footprint.

Will my account executive, agent or other contacts within DSCI change?

No, the DSCI Team is actually being expanded. You will have access to the same great team members, plus some additional ones. TelePacific is committed to providing outstanding local service and having a local presence wherever possible. That’s been a cornerstone of their success, and they recognize the critical importance of maintaining and strengthening the DSCI’s Team efforts that have allowed us to be so successful.

Will DSCI change its name?

No. Although DSCI is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of TelePacific, it is retaining its name and brand.

Is DSCI changing its services?

Not at all. TelePacific is fully supporting DSCI’s flagship UCx, ITx and connectivity services. TelePacific has the same commitment to keeping all services and technology delivered to our customers as current as possible. Service offerings will continue to be upgraded and enhanced just as they were prior to the merger.

Will the DSCI xNetwork change?

TelePacific has a “Quad-Redundancy” network design that will be deployed across the entire xNetwork to improve overall quality and reliability. Currently, DSCI deploys a “Dual-Redundancy” strategy for the xNetwork. This consists of either redundant devices (such as routers and switches) that back each other up, or devices with internal redundant components. TelePacific employs a strategy of “Quad-Redundancy” which consists of both redundant devices and redundant internal components. This strategy is going to be extended across DSCI’s entire xNetwork.

Will my bill format change?

No, it will not. We realize that there has been a great deal of work put into individual customer bill formats, and we want to continue support for this effort.

Will my DSCI contact numbers or portals change?

No. Customer support calls will continue to be answered by DSCI’s Customer Care team in Manchester, NH. In fact, this team is expanding due to the merger. Also, the Dash Customer Web Portal will remain intact and continue to receive upgrades.