2016 Was Not So Bad! It Brought Us These 5 Tech Breakthroughs

In the final weeks of 2016, it seemed like everyone wanted to lament about how it was the worst year ever. In fact, this has been such a widespread phenomenon that NPR weighed in by asking Should We All Just Stop Calling 2016 ‘The Worst’? Well, my answer to that question is an enthusiastic YES. Now that 2016 is officially over, let’s give it a proper send-off and start recognizing it for the good year that it really was.

Since DSCI is a technology company after all, let’s focus on just a few of the amazing tech breakthroughs that 2016 brought us.

    • Power over Wi-Fi. Imagine having a smart smoke detector that’s powered over wi-fi, so it never needs its batteries changed… that’s undoubtedly life-saving technology.
    • Transmit passwords through your body. Hold a doorknob with a smart lock in one hand, touch the fingerprint scanner on your smartphone in the other, and this technology will securely transmit your password through your body.
    • Augmented reality. There was far more to Pokemon Go than trying to catch an elusive Pikachu. This summer’s blockbuster game ushered in a new way for users and apps to interact.

Image from Flickr user ajturner

I have no doubt that 2017 will bring even more excitement and wonder! What was your favorite new tech from 2016, and what do you think 2017 holds in store for all of us?

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