We’re Coming…

Rugby players charging ahead on the field

Image from Flickr user phgaillard2001

From Los Angeles, California to Portland, Maine.

From St. Louis, Missouri to Denver, Colorado.

From Las Vegas, Nevada to Dallas, Texas.

From Boston, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California.

One hundred and twenty days after our merger we have banded together. Sixteen hundred strong. Best team, best services, best service.

We are coming to the aid of the enterprise customer who is seeking integrated and powerful hosted voice and managed services that span the country.

We are coming to deliver a premier partnership for all agents who are dedicated to getting the best for their loyal clients.

We are coming to recruit more seasoned A-Players to join the best team in the business.

Monolithic, consolidation-crazed incumbents – we are coming for your customers – who are tired of being ignored and taken for granted.

Who are we? You will soon know us by our new name. In the meantime, know that we are coming…

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