Managed Firewalls


It’s hard to ignore cyber-security these days. Major security breaches are in the news on a near-daily basis, and criminals are concocting increasingly deceptive methods to get the data they want. Most likely, your organization already has measures in place to reduce these threats – it would be a severe risk to the business if you didn’t.

A firewall is par for the course these days, but the way it’s managed doesn’t have to be. Some organizations take a “set it and forget it” approach to their network security, but this won’t allow them to keep up with the alarmingly fast pace of cyber-threat evolution. Consider, for example, these statistics for the year 2015 (source):

  • +125% increase in zero-day vulnerabilities in browsers and website plugins
  • +35% increase in ransomware, targeting both desktops and smartphones
  • Unpatched vulnerabilities found in about 75% of all legitimate websites

A healthy, up-to-date firewall is your organization’s first line of defense from this increasing flood of threats. That’s why DSCI’s ITx for Managed Firewalls service is not just about security – it’s about the benefits of effectively managing this critical edge device in your organization’s network.

Our Managed Services team monitors your appliance for high CPU utilization, high memory utilization, and current up/down status of the WAN port on the firewall.  Our systems alert when these are not within normal thresholds, allowing us to proactively identify and resolve the cause of these issues – often before your end-users notice any performance degradation.

As your organization’s needs evolve, the firewall needs to evolve too.  At DSCI, we make these configuration changes upon your request. This saves you the time and resources you’d need to understand the fundamentals of a firewall, or to “re-learn” how the device works in order to implement a new policy, NAT rule, or filtering group.

With the Optimum service level of ITx for Managed Firewalls, we’ll also manage UTM services (anti-virus, anti-spam, web filtering, application control, and WAN optimization) which are increasingly becoming the industry standard in the marketplace.

The technology landscape is constantly changing, and so too are the potential security threats against your business. Contact DSCI to schedule a free consultation and learn how ITx for Managed Firewalls can keep your business safe.

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