Winter – Crazy Weather Patterns Abound!

Image from Flickr user topsteph53

The winter season is bringing many types of weather throughout the USA. In California, January has brought heavy rains. In the Northeast this year, we’ve had a mixed bag of snow, rain, ice and spring-like 50 degree days. Other states have had everything in between.

Inclement weather can make our jobs in the Repair department challenging. Copper facilities are susceptible to rain. Blizzards may cause power outages and an increase in requests to update weather greetings. Service Ticket volumes definitely increase.

We have started some exciting discussions regarding our nationwide support with our TelePacific colleagues. East Coast and West Coast disaster coverage and back-up plans are key. We are brainstorming the possibilities for our 7X24 coverage and overflow calls between our customer care repair teams. We will be calling upon many of the experts in all facets of our company to ensure that we design a solution that allows all teams to provide the excellent customer support that we’re known for. It is exciting!

Now that February is here, depending where you live, you might react to the weather differently. If you’re on the West Coast, you could be heading out to enjoy the sun. For those of us in New England, it’ll likely be winter activities like skiing, sledding or snowman building. Have fun!

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