Legal Information

Geo-Location Emergency Service Registration

DSCI has enhanced our 911 capabilities in order to provide nationwide 911 coverage along with optional registration of additional specific geo-locations. These enhancements apply to DSCI on-net voice services.

As noted, DSCI can provide termination of 911 calls to public safety answering points (PSAPs) nationwide. This improvement allows all locations served by DSCI on-net voice services, both within our network footprint and outside, to utilize DSCI for termination of emergency calls. Locations outside of DSCI network footprint previously had to provide copper lines in order to terminate 911 calls.

Additionally, the customer can request registration of more precise geo-locations in the 911 database. For example, a company that has two suites within a building which share the same DSCI voice service can request that each suite number be registered in the 911 database. This allows emergency personnel to respond directly to the suite from which the 911 call was placed.

DSCI has implemented a fee to cover the cost of registration and management of this enhanced service. Effective November 1, 2009, a line item labeled “Geo-Location Emergency System Registration — per geo-location” is being added to all DSCI on-net voice services. There is a $4.95 charge for each geo-location registered.

The “Outbound Calling Line ID per number” charge, which was previously applied to customers who wanted to register all DID numbers in the 911 database, has been retired.

Finally, if a customer fails to provide proper information for 911 registration for any number or station, and then places a call to 911, there will be a $65.00 charge for that call. This charge covers the cost for manual intervention and routing of the call to the correct PSAP for the geo-location a customer is calling from.