Metro Ethernet

It’s like a Big Dig for your bandwidth, except that it won’t run off schedule or cost billions of dollars.

Love it or hate it, it can’t be denied that the Big Dig transformed the way we drive through Boston – it replaced narrow roadways with larger tunnels designed to keep the traffic flowing. Likewise, if your organization needs bandwidth in excess of 10 Mbps, Metro Ethernet from DSCI will completely transform your connection – but unlike the Big Dig, it’s economical and reliable.

Whether you need to extend your Local Area Network, connect other sites with your Wide Area Network, or provide Internet access or converged services, Metro Ethernet is a simple solution that is flexible enough to do it all.

Benefits to Your Organization

Standard Technology

Unlike proprietary or industry-specific technologies, Ethernet is well understood by IT managers, which simplifies network management. Our Metro Ethernet supports standard IEEE 802.3 compliant LAN protocol interfaces.


Select the bandwidth you need, from 5 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps. As your requirements change, you can increase your service without replacing your circuit.


Because Metro Ethernet is a fiber connection, performance issues that can affect copper lines are eliminated. What’s more, the service is backed by DSCI’s 100% Service Level Agreement.

Lower Costs

Metro Ethernet is economical to install and to maintain. It’s less expensive than older technologies such as Frame Relay and ATM, and it eliminates the time and expense of maintaining on-premises equipment.

Do you dig it? If so, contact DSCI today to start your project or to request further information.