MPLS VPN Service

Because, after all, it is a small world.

You’ve got to get the blueprints to Boston, the meeting minutes to Miami, and the report to Rome – all at the same time, of course. Sound familiar? If so, DSCI’s MPLS VPN Service is going to rock your world.

MPLS VPN lets you combine the data, Internet, voice, video, and Unified Communications traffic from multiple sites onto a single network that is secure, flexible, cost-effective, and provides optimized performance for your organization.

Benefits to Your Organization

Data Security

Your data travels over a virtual private network, segregated from the public Internet and other DSCI customers. Mobile workers and remote sites can connect into your corporate network through the MPLS Secured Internet Gateway option. If you are in an industry such as financial services or healthcare that requires a higher level of security, DSCI offers encryption of traffic across the MPLS network.

Scalability and Flexibility

MPLS VPN is highly scalable, allowing you to quickly and easily add new sites. Thanks to the DSCI Extended Network, sites across the country or around the world can be part of a single, meshed MPLS VPN. Each site can be connected with just the bandwidth it needs, from 1.5 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps.

Reduced Costs

By allowing the convergence of all traffic onto a single network, MPLS VPN eliminates the need to maintain separate networks for voice and data. As a managed service, MPLS VPN also reduces the burden on IT to maintain the WAN.

Improved Network Performance

MPLS VPN allows prioritization based on traffic type: time-sensitive applications such as voice and video can be given higher priority over other traffic. Additionally, we back our MPLS VPN Service with our industry-leading 100% Service Level Agreement.

With the MPLS VPN Service from DSCI, you can easily bring your organization together as if they were all in the same building – even if they are worlds apart. Contact DSCI today to learn more.