DSCI Meet-Me Conferencing

Like a bridge over troubled teleconferences, this will ease your mind.

We’re no Simon & Garfunkel, but we do know all about bridges – conferencing bridges, that is. We know when you’re homeward bound and joining the call from your car, it would be easier if someone dialed out to you. We know that, sometimes, all you want to hear is the sound of silence. And we know that if you need to find Emily, wherever she may be, an Outlook invitation may just do the trick. (OK, so maybe we do secretly aspire to be Simon & Garfunkel.)

DSCI Meet-Me Conferencing empowers you to connect anyone, anytime with dedicated conference bridges. As a reservationless service, starting a call is as easy as dialing in and entering your conference ID number. And if you’re a UCx customer, DSCI Meet-Me Conferencing is included in all user bundles – meaning everyone in your company will have their own bridge.


  • On-net participants with HD-capable devices will hear your calls in high definition audio.
  • With lecture mode, it’s easy to keep the line quiet when needed.
  • Instantly connect participants with outbound dialing and “Call Me Now” features.
  • Easily record your call, then download and listen at any time through a web portal.
  • If you’re already a DSCI customer, you’ll eliminate the cost and hassle of working with a separate teleconferencing vendor.


  • DSCI Meet-Me Conferencing Moderator Client – a web-based user interface
  • HD audio quality for on-net participants with supporting HD Voice devices
  • Convenient phone keypad controls for moderators and participants
  • Toll-free number can be pointed to the DID assigned to your bridge
  • Call Me Now – invite a participant to join via a web interface

Conference Options

  • Play tone or name when participants arrive and depart
  • Lecture mode – mute all participants except the moderator
  • Mute and unmute yourself or (if you’re the moderator) other participants
  • Lock and unlock conference
  • Record conference
  • Outdial to add participants

If you want to add more spice to your next audio conference, put down the parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme and contact us today to learn more about DSCI Meet-Me Conferencing.