DSCI Web Collaboration

Take your online meetings from insipid to inspiring.

When you’re attending a webinar, there’s nothing more yawn-inducing than watching PowerPoint slides shuffle around. Contrary to popular belief, the slides themselves aren’t to blame for your drowsiness: it’s the lack of interaction between you and the presenter. How can you collaborate online in a way that’s actually collaborative? We have the answer.

DSCI Web Collaboration

DSCI Web Collaboration

DSCI Web Collaboration, DSCI’s web conferencing application, is far more than the slide decks and desktop sharing you’ve seen elsewhere.


With multi-person video feeds, you’ll add the benefit of face-to-face conversation to every meeting. Add in a full suite of powerful, customizable features, and you have the ideal solution for truly productive meetings, captivating webinars, and personalized training sessions.


DSCI Web Collaboration is an ideal solution for many online events, from small meetings to large sales and marketing webinars, because it enables you to:

  • Share nearly any kind of content: your desktop, slides, documents, pre-recorded video, web pages…
  • See every participant with multi-point video feeds
  • Customize the invitations for each meeting – no more canned emails!
  • Record, edit, and play back your sessions with simple, reliable tools
  • And much more!


DSCI Web Collaboration offers a complete range of productivity-enhancing features, including:

  • Document and Application Sharing
  • Multi-Person Video
  • Remote Desktop Control
  • Session Recording and Editing Tools
  • Q&A and Voting Tools
  • Public and Private Chat
  • Event Registration Tools
  • Customizable Invitation and Reminder Emails

Audio for your meetings may be delivered via an Internet connection (VoIP), DSCI’s audio conferencing service, or a combination of both. The meeting host can control the audio with a click of the mouse through the web interface.

Packages and Pricing

Key Feature Meeting Training Webinar
Room Capacity Up to 25 Up to 100 Up to 250
Document and Application Sharing X X X
Multi-Person Video X X X
File Transfer X X X
Remote Desktop Control X X X
Q&A and Voting Tools X X X
Public and Private Chat X X X
Customizable Invitation and Reminder Emails X X X
Session Recording and Editing Tools X X X
Online Course Catalog X
Breakout Groups X
Event Registration Tools X
Public-Facing Launch Portal X
Monthly Pricing $49.95 $84.95 $99.95