iPBX SIP Trunking

It’s time for your phone system to get a makeover.

Even if your phone system was installed back in the day when parachute pants were cool, you can still gain some of the advantages of hosted voice over IP (VoIP). With iPBX SIP Trunking from DSCI, you can easily implement the advanced features of VoIP while keeping your existing telecom infrastructure.

iPBX SIP Trunking sends the voice traffic from your current phone system over the same Internet connection you’re already using for data, eliminating the need for a separate voice connection. This service provides VoIP features such as bundled usage, extension dialing between sites, and support for remote users. iPBX SIP Trunking also supports legacy interfaces on your phone system (such as PRI, CAS T1, or analog), helping you to avoid costly upgrades.

Benefits to Your Organization


With iPBX SIP Trunking, you can “bring your own” Internet connection or use DSCI’s connectivity services. As your business grows, you can add additional trunk call capacity and bundled minutes. If you later decide to take full advantage of the benefits of VoIP, you can easily transition to DSCI’s UCx Hosted Unified Communications Service.

Enhanced productivity

iPBX SIP Trunking supports your business with advanced features such as auto attendants, hunt groups, call recording, and mobile integration. Additionally, remote workers can be part of the enterprise group and have access to the same features.

Cost-effective solutions

Usage is bundled into the service cost. Multiple offices not only share trunk capacity, but because they’re part of the same enterprise group, calls between the sites are free. Access to local, long distance, and toll-free service is over the same circuit.

iPBX SIP Trunking will bring your phone system into the new millennium – but it’s up to you about keeping those old parachute pants. Contact DSCI today to start your project or request further information.