DSCI Real-Time Applications

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s real-time data!

These days, business moves at lightning speed. Like a superhero, you need heightened senses and speedy reflexes to be able to react in time. And you need a sidekick – someone who will help you conquer this monumental task, but let you take all the credit for it. That’s where DSCI comes in…

DSCI Real-Time Applications, fully integrated with our UCx Hosted Unified Communications Service, instantly deliver critical business information through an easy-to-use web portal. At a glance you’ll see who’s on the phone right now, how many callers are waiting in the queue, and who has been making all those international calls. You can even review this data historically to identify trends. It’s better than having x-ray vision!

You can include any of these applications in your DSCI Real-Time Applications portal:

Call Alert

Be the first to know when an emergency strikes. Receive instant email, text, and phone alerts when someone in your enterprise dials 911 or any other important number.

The Call Alert Notification Service provides alerts via email, phone call, and/or SMS text message when a particular digit string is dialed. The notification indicates the telephone number, name, and location that initiated the call, and provides a mechanism for acknowledging receipt of the call alert notification.

In the DSCI Real-Time Application portal you’ll see a log of any emergency calls placed, as well as the alerts each of them generated and whether those alerts were acknowledged.

Call Center Reporting

Keep a pulse on your call center’s performance. See who’s talking, who’s waiting in the queue, who’s available to take calls, and much more.

Call Center Reporting provides live data on your call center queues, agents, and users. This application includes three modules – Call Center Agent, Call Center Manager, and Call Center Wallboard – each providing a different view of live call center activity.

The DSCI Real-Time Application portal displays current information such as number of queued calls, number of active agents, and average wait time. The Call Center Wallboard module, showing important statistics at a glance, is ideal for displaying in a shared location for all call center agents to see.

Workgroup Monitoring

Who’s on the phone right now? Who are they talking to? Find out with Workgroup Monitoring.

Workgroup Monitoring provides live reporting on a subset of users, including detailed reports on inbound and outbound calls for each user within the defined group. The application is designed to manage a small group of users who perform daily call tasks, such as a customer service or sales team.

The DSCI Real-Time Application portal displays detailed information for each user, including whether the user is currently on a call, the identity of the remote party on the current call, the number of calls the user has had today, and how much time the user has spent on those calls.

Enhanced DTO

Enhanced DTO provides advanced features to better enable your business continuity efforts.

Direct Trunk Overflow (DTO) automatically redirects incoming calls to an alternate number if there is a service impairment or if all trunk channels are busy. With Enhanced DTO, you can route calls on a per-DID basis to an individual number, cell phone, or hunt group to ensure that someone will always answer the phone. You can also set up each DID to alert a unique email address when DTO is utilized. The DSCI Real-Time Application portal gives you access to manage these settings and review call detail reports.

Are you ready to save the day – or, even better, unleash a wave of productivity? If so, contact us today to learn more about the suite of DSCI Real-Time Applications.