UCx User Bundles

Whoever you are and whatever you do, UCx fits the way you work.

With our UCx user bundles, it’s easy to build a Unified Communications service that meets your unique requirements. Every member of your team will have the right set of tools for the job – and you won’t have to cobble it all together yourself.

Standard Bundles

UCx User Bundles - UCx Connect

UCx Connect

For the employee who works in the office

UCx User Bundles - UCx Power

UCx Power

For the employee who often travels or works from home

Call Center Bundles

UCx User Bundles - UCx Agent Standard

UCx Agent Standard

For inbound call queues

UCx User Bundles - UCx Agent Premium

UCx Agent Premium

For inbound and outbound call queues

Voice-Only User Bundles

DSCI also offers voice-only user bundles that are ideal for common-area phones and employees who do not require UC features.