Why Choose UCx?

UCx will bring many new benefits to your business, including:

A New, Yet Familiar Way to Communicate

UCx provides a full set of next-generation communications tools that not only replicate, but expedite the natural flow of communications. For example, an instant message can take the place of an impromptu meeting, and a video conference eliminates the need for business travel.

Faster, More Streamlined Business Processes

Since UCx integrates several functions into a single client, your team can transfer information easier and faster than ever before – no more waiting around for email or voicemail.

Enhanced Customer Service

With UCx, you’ll always be available for your customers when they call. Receptionist and call center agent user bundles provide powerful web-based tools that make it easy to manage inbound calls. Other users have mobility features which enable them to place and receive calls from anywhere.

An Easy Evolution to Cutting-Edge UC Services

Because UCx is a hosted service, you’ll always have immediate access to new features when they become available, without having to purchase and install new hardware.

No Upfront Capital Investment

Don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on a phone system that doesn’t even do half of what you want it to. With UCx, you’ll free up more of your resources to invest in projects that will take your business to the next level.

Integrated Services From a Single Provider

Running your business is challenging enough without having to juggle multiple telecom vendors. With UCx, you’ll eliminate all of that headache by having one service with a single point of contact – DSCI.

An Advanced Network with Local Roots

UCx is delivered on DSCI’s xNetwork, which is backed by our industry-best 100% network uptime guarantee and 24/7/365 live-answer support from our talented, New Hampshire-based Customer Care team.