ITx for Email Security

Guard your business email against viruses, malware, spam, and other unwelcome invaders.

Protecting your email from external threats is an important part of a comprehensive business security program. Unfortunately, many businesses lack the resources and expertise to effectively implement and maintain the proper protection solutions.

ITx for Email SecurityITx for Email Security is a cloud-based platform delivering a full suite of email security features such as anti-spam filtering, anti-virus protection, and email encryption. This fully-managed solution eliminates the costs and complexity of managing your own in-house email protection.

ITx for Email Security Service Features

A Fully Managed Solution

ITx for Email Security is a hosted service which DSCI will manage for you 24×7. The service works with any local email server without having to install new software or hardware.

Keep Threats Out of Your Network

We want to keep security threats and attacks as far away from your business as possible. Because it’s a hosted service, ITx for Email Security will block spam, viruses, and other threats before they reach your corporate network.

Flexible, User-Friendly Platform

Each user has a control panel they can use to specify their preferences for handling unwanted email, or they can simply use your default system-wide settings.

Outbound Emails Are Protected, Too

It’s bad enough to receive a threat – you could accidentally send one out, too. That’s why ITx for Email Security covers both inbound and outbound messages. If an outbound email appears to be suspicious, it’s set aside in quarantine and your admin is alerted to take action.

Email Encryption

For improved security and compliance, we offer email encryption as an add-on feature. Outbound emails may be encrypted based on the content of the message, the sender, or the recipient.

Email is a powerful business tool – let’s make sure it’s not used to compromise your business. To learn more about ITx for Email Security, contact DSCI to schedule a free consultation.