ITx for Managed Firewalls

Don’t leave network security to chance.

Your business depends on safe, secure, high-performance communications with partners, suppliers, customers, and remote employees. Whether it’s a private Wide Area Network (WAN) or the Internet that supports this communication, it is critical that the gateways in and out of these networks are protected.

ITx for Network SecurityWith ITx for Managed Firewalls, you’ll be confident that your network security equipment remains secure and performs at the highest levels. That’s because it’s being managed by the team of experts at DSCI.

ITx for Managed Firewalls Service Features

Flexible Hardware Options        

With ITx for Managed Firewalls you can choose to “bring your own” Fortinet firewall, or you may purchase or rent one from DSCI. We’ve selected the FortiGate platform because we’ve found it to be the most secure solution that integrates well with other services on the DSCI xNetwork.

Device Monitoring and Management

As part of your ITx for Managed Firewalls service, DSCI’s Network Operations Center (NOC) will remotely monitor your firewall 24×7. The team will also handle any firmware updates and administrative configuration changes on the device.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) Service      

With the optimum service level of ITx for Managed Firewalls, DSCI will also manage the Fortigate UTM services, which includes management of anti-virus, anti-spam, web filtering, application control, and WAN optimization services.

The technology landscape is constantly changing, and so too are the potential security threats against your business. Contact DSCI to schedule a free consultation and learn how ITx for Managed Firewalls can keep your business safe.