ITx for Networks

You wouldn’t build a house on a weak foundation – don’t build your business on one either. 

Your network is the foundation on which the core systems, data, and applications that drive your business are built. Maintaining a strong foundation is the key to ensuring that these IT assets continue to deliver the desired performance to your business.

ITx for NetworksWith ITx for Networks, you can be sure that your foundation is strong. DSCI’s proactive service approach, proven expertise, and unique management tools give us the ability to monitor your critical network elements.

ITx for Networks Service Features

24×7 Network Monitoring and Reporting

We can monitor all qualified LAN/WAN/ISP paths, regularly reporting on network health statistics such as jitter, packet loss, packet re-ordering, propagation, delay, RTT, MTU, MOS scores, QoS changes, and more. If we find an issue, we’ll communicate our findings with you, escalate the issue to other vendors as needed, and track the service ticket to completion.

Network Troubleshooting and Repair

We will remotely troubleshoot and repair connectivity issues with your switch or router.

Network Maintenance

As required, we’ll remotely apply firmware updates and manage configuration backups on covered equipment.

With ITx for Networks, DSCI’s team of certified network engineers is at your service with proven processes and tools that will keep your network strong. To learn more, contact DSCI to schedule a free consultation.