Continuity of Business Communications

Your Challenge

You’re working to develop a business continuity plan for your organization. What if an emergency or disaster knocked out your phone system? How long would your business survive if customers were unable to reach you?

DSCI’s Solutions for Business Continuity

The purpose of a business continuity plan is to prevent the interruption of mission-critical functions such as telecommunications. In the event that an interruption does occur, the plan should ensure that the organization can continue operations until normal functionality is restored. DSCI’s solutions address both of these aspects of business continuity.

Prevent Interruptions from Occurring

The distributed nature of the UCx Hosted Unified Communications Service means that your communications infrastructure will still be available in the event of a power outage, storm, fire, or other disaster. Because UCx resides on the DSCI Hosted Communications Network and not on your premises, it’s easy to redirect calls to an alternate location, such as a cell phone, if you can no longer take calls at your primary location.

Continue Operations During a Disruptive Event

You can ensure that your organization’s essential functions still continue even while a disruptive event is still in progress. To prepare for the unlikely event that you lose your local connection to the DSCI network, you may choose to supplement the standard business continuity features provided by UCx with these additional services:

  • If the UCx servers are unreachable due to a connectivity failure or other cause, the SIP Proxy Gateway Service allows the UCx users at a location to access basic telephony services (place and receive calls, with hold and transfer functions available).
  • Voice Failover or Broadband Backup may be helpful if you plan to use another ISP for your Internet access. These services configure your UCx voice or data traffic to failover to that alternate ISP in the event of an interruption to the DSCI connection.

Disruptions to your business are inevitable, but with DSCI’s business continuity solutions, you’ll be back up and running in no time.