Multi-site Integration

Your Challenge

Each of your office locations acts like an “island” – completely disconnected from the others. Sharing files and information between the offices is a hassle, and the toll charges for the phone calls between them are eating up your budget.

DSCI’s Solutions for Multi-Site Integration

Whether your offices are separated by blocks or by time zones, DSCI’s services connect them together as if everyone were in the same building.

Your offices can be seamlessly connected on a single Unified Communications system with our UCx Hosted Unified Communications Service. Free site-to-site calling (with extension dialing between offices), instant messaging, file transfer, and desktop sharing features eliminate the expense of business travel and long-distance calling. Also, one receptionist or auto-attendant can handle inbound calls for all sites.

Additionally, DSCI’s MPLS VPN Service lets you combine the data, Internet, voice, video, and UC traffic from multiple sites onto a single network. By allowing the convergence of all traffic onto a single network, MPLS VPN eliminates the need to maintain separate networks for voice and data.

Multi-Site Integration with MPLS VPN

Multi-Site Integration with MPLS VPN