Reduce Costs

Your Challenge

Top management is looking to reduce costs wherever possible. Now, your IT budget is on the chopping block. How can you cut back and still deliver the capabilities the business demands?

DSCI’s Solutions to Reduce Costs

DSCI’s services help you to not only reduce the cost of maintaining your network services and infrastructure, but will also ensure that it’s never obsolete.

DSCI’s ITx Managed IT Services allow you to reduce the expense of IT maintenance by establishing a monthly rate for your IT support. What’s more, you’ll also avoid costly downtime by ensuring that your core systems remain healthy and secure.

Additionally, our UCx Hosted Unified Communications Service “auto-upgrades” over time, with no additional cost or effort required on your end. Because the service resides on the DSCI xNetwork and not on your premises, you’ll reduce telecom costs by eliminating the maintenance, patching, and upgrading of your existing phone system hardware and software.

Finally, outsourcing any of these services to DSCI will convert the cost of your infrastructure from a significant up-front capital expense to a smaller, more predictable operating expense. At the end of the day, you’ll know exactly how much to budget for.