Welcome to UCx

Dash Customer Portal

The Dash Customer Web Portal gives you the power to manage many of your services online, including:

  • Access, view, and update your accounts, addresses, and contacts
  • Submit and automatically provision some move, add, and change (MAC) requests
  • Submit requests for new services, billing questions, and service tickets
  • View up-to-date progress on your submitted requests, orders, and tickets

You can access Dash directly at dash.dscicorp.com.

Your Service Delivery Specialist will review the key points to using the Dash portal. Your primary administrator will be a Dash Super User, allowing that person to grant Dash access to other members of your company. The users you add can be configured as Super Users or can have limited access and viewing permissions.

Throughout this welcome guide, you will find many mentions of Dash and the information that is available there. There is also a Help section available to you from within the Dash portal itself. Of course, you can always contact us with any questions about how to access or use Dash.

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