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Testing Your Bandwidth for UCx

It’s not just about having enough bandwidth, it’s about having the right bandwidth. Run these three tests for latency, jitter, and capacity to determine if your Internet connection will work well with DSCI’s UCx Hosted Unified Communications Service.

Test 1: Run a traceroute to look for latency

First, run a traceroute to see the path your packets will take to DSCI. From a Command Prompt in Windows, type tracert and then press Enter. You should see no more than 20 “hops” and a total round-trip time of less than 65 milliseconds. Your results might look like this.

tracert results

ping results2: Run a ping test to look for jitter

Test Next, from that same Command Prompt, type ping -t and then press Enter. This will perform a continuous ping test. After a minute or so, press CTRL+C to stop the test. As long as you have less than 1% packet loss and your minimum, maximum, and average times are all under 55 milliseconds, you should have a good connection. You will see results that look something like this.

Test 3: Run a bandwidth test to check for capacity

bandwidth speed test - sample resultsFinally, go our Bandwidth Speed Test (note: this link will open in a new window) and click on the Boston, MA speed test button. A UCx call takes 40kbps of bandwidth in each direction. Calculate your maximum number of simultaneous calls, multiply by 40kbps, and make sure you have at least twice that bandwidth available in each direction. When the test is done, you will get average upload and download speed results that will look like this. When the test is done, you will get average upload and download speed results that will look like this.


When you run these tests, it is just a snapshot of one moment in time. During this particular window, you may have very good results or very poor results. We strongly encourage you to run these three tests multiple times, during different hours of different days. If there is a particular time you know your network is usually very busy, make sure you run the test then. While excellent results from these tests won’t guarantee that your customer-provided broadband connection will be suited for UCx, poor results will indicate that the connection will not work well.