Welcome to UCx

About the DSCI Team

Now that you are a full-fledged UCx customer, you have access to our Customer Care team. These service professionals have the knowledge and commitment it takes to provide unrivaled support for your organization. The Customer Care team is comprised of Service Delivery, Post-Sales Provisioning, and Repair.  Our goal is to provide you with a positive experience.

Service Delivery

A Service Delivery Specialist has been assigned to your order and will contact you soon. During this introductory call, he or she will review your order and discuss your installation with you. Your Service Delivery Specialist will be your primary contact throughout installation, working closely with you and your team to coordinate the provisioning, ordering, porting, and implementation of your new services.

Post-Sales Provisioning and Repair

After installation, the Post-Sales Provisioning and Repair teams will be your contacts for Customer Care. During the life of your contract, these teams will facilitate any changes or support needed for your UCx service. Click here for more information on how to contact us for problem resolution.

The Sales Team’s Continuing Role

After your installation is complete, our Sales Team will continue to stay in touch with you on a regular basis and ensure you remain completely satisfied with your service. This will enable us to work together to review your needs and plan for any changes as your business grows.

Our commitment to collaborating with our customers as partners is the philosophy that forms the basis for everything we do. In the months and years ahead, we look forward to growing our partnership with you and working together toward your success.

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