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What to Expect During Installation

Every UCx installation requires many of the same steps toward completion. However, the time necessary for these steps to take place may vary due to your needs, arrangements with outside suppliers, and scheduling.

The table below provides a “typical” timetable of events leading up to full UCx installation. It also sets forth our responsibilities in the process, as well as your company’s role. You can contact either your sales team or your Service Delivery Specialist with any questions about what to expect during installation, the time-frame for your individual installation, or your responsibilities.



Description of Activity

Our Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities

Day 1 Contract Signature Date Our sales team enters your order into the Dash system. You sign the contract and provide a copy of your current phone bill to your sales team.  An equipment deposit and/or security deposit may be required.
Day 5 Order Approval Our sales order coordinator will ensure all the proper paperwork has been signed and attached to the order. You may be asked to sign paperwork or provide additional information if anything was missed during the sales process.
Day 7 Welcome Call Our Sales Order Engineer will contact you to review the high-level details of your order and answer any questions you may have.  They will also provide you with the UCx Deployment Guide which details the LAN specifications required in order to install your UCx service. Take this opportunity to ask the Sales Order Engineer any questions you may have about your new system, its functionality and installation.
Day 8 At this point, a Service Delivery Specialist will be assigned to your order and will work with you until your service is successfully installed. Together you will create a user spreadsheet identifying how your phones will be provisioned.  Information will also be gathered on call flow such as auto attendants, call centers and hunt groups.  Number Porting will be reviewed to ensure that all telephone numbers are included or handled. You will need to provide a list of usernames and phone numbers to your Service Delivery Specialist.  You will also need to confirm the phone models and user bundles that are going to be assigned to each user.
Order is submitted for provisioning The Service Delivery Specialist submits your order to our Engineering  team and begins the provisioning needed for your services.
Day 9 –  Ethernet Circuits or T1s are typically installed within 30 days;  High capacity Ethernet Circuits, e.g., fiber circuits, are typically installed within 90 to 120 days Circuits are ordered with the last mile carrier Equipment and T1 or Ethernet Circuits are ordered.  For Ethernet high capacity or fixed wireless a site survey may be required.  The scope of work is identified which will determine the interval for installation of the service.  Circuits which need a full build out could take 3 to 4 months. You will need to provide DMARC information as to where you would like the circuit delivered.  Other items may include electrical and back board, inside wiring or other site-ready requirements.
Circuit Installation You will be emailed with the expected install date and Circuit ID information. The Service Delivery Team will ensure that the circuit is successfully installed and prepared for service. You will need to have someone on-site to provide access for the technician during the circuit installation, and you may receive a call directly from the circuit vendor to confirm. If you are not prepared, or miss this date for any reason, your entire installation schedule will be delayed until new arrangements can be made.
3-4 Days after circuit is accepted Equipment Installation Date Service Delivery will schedule a time with you for a Field Technician to dispatch to your location and install any necessary equipment (routers, switches, phones or firewalls). Arrange a convenient time for the technician to install the equipment at your site.  You will also need to provide the technician access to the necessary areas.
10 Days after circuit installation Training and System Configuration Your Service Delivery Specialist calls you and arranges training, if desired.  The Service Delivery Specialist reviews features such as Auto Attendant, Voice Messaging, etc., making adjustments as necessary. Coordinate training date/time with your Service Delivery Specialist, typically near the day of the service activation. The Service Delivery Specialist works with you to check that your system is configured to meet your business needs.
Voice Installation Date Your Service Delivery Specialist consults with you to set a date for porting your numbers to our network. You will work with the Service Delivery Specialist to determine a date to cut over from your old provider to the new UCx service.
Installation Complete Your Service Delivery Specialist will be available for follow-up questions and MAC orders (moves, adds, and changes) for 3 days after the port. After that time, all questions should be referred to the Customer Care Post-Sales Provisioning Team. You can use the Dash customer portal to request any future changes to the system.

* This timetable is an approximation of the number of days required for each step in a typical installation. Some installations take place more quickly, and others may take more time. There are aspects of every installation outside our control. We work with our outside vendors to help make the process go as smoothly as possible. Timeframes for non-typical installations, such as those out of region, will be significantly different and will be communicated to you by your Service Delivery Specialist.

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